Therapeutic Solutions is a family operated agency that provides occupational therapy and counseling services to persons in a variety of settings. Services are provided to persons who have cognitive, physical and/or psychosocial disabilities or problems that interfere with their ability to function in their day to day routine and may be provided in the forms of assessment, consultation and individual or group treatment. Treatment settings may include group homes, psychiatric facilities, offices/clinics, assisted living settings and home environments. Additionally, Therapeutic Solutions provides continuing education and support services to therapists and aspiring therapy entrepreneurs.  So, whether you are seeking occupational therapy or counseling services or desire to provide these services yourself....Therapeutic Solutions has a SOLUTION for you!

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Our Services
Anger Management
Domestic Violence
Our Purpose                                                                                                     
The TS program is essentially an ongoing series of psycho-educational group sessions.The groups provide a structure which allows clients to personalize and internalize information from the program into their own
lives. It is also a setting in which clients can begin to develop and practice non-abusive behaviors and non-violent choices in relationships.  
Breaking the Silence
Many of our clients believe that they are unique in their behavior and that they are the only person in the world who behaves in an abusive and controlling manner. The taboo against discussing their violence with
the outside world is normally strong, with severe sanctions for those who break the silence. Our group sessions put clients together who share those same thoughts, feelings and a similar history. There is a great deal of relief for clients to be in a place where they are understood and not feel ashamed of their behavior.
A Way Out
Everyone has the right to be safe from threats and violence - take the step you know you need. Therapeutic Solutions of NC is available to help you achieve a positive change in your situation.
Services are offered individually for men and children, with families, or in group educational formats.  Fees are provided upon request.
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Therapeutic Solutions offers an annual continuing education event free of charge to all subcontractors. This event is also offered at a low costs to other health care and/or mental health professionals. Additonally, Therapeutic Solutions offers occasional free CE credits during monthly virtual staff meetings.  

Intellectual Disabilites/DD Population
Intermediate Care Facilites (ICF)
Group Homes
Assessments and consultation for persons with developmental disabilities who reside in group homes in the Triangle and surrounding areas.  Services may focus on self-feeding, adaptive equipment, assistive technology, environmental modifications, program development and staff training.

Mental Health:  Facility-Based and  Community-Based Settings

Screens and standardized living skills evaluations and provision of consultative services in facilities and community settings. Services may focus on independent living (i.e., money management, meal preparation, transporation access, medication management), cognitive retraining, psychosocial skill development, compensatory techniques for low vision and community support exploration.
Occupational therapy individual and group Interventions are used to "promote socialemotional earning; regulate overactive or underactive sensory systems; collaboratewith families and medical or educational personnel; and more" (AOTA).          View our Pediatrics Brochure
Low Vision - New Service Expansion
OT services focus on providing low vision education and individual services for persons with low vision and/or mental health diagnoses. Low vision is a visual impairment severe enough to limit ability to complete many necessary daily living activities but which allows some usable vision.
It is a chronic medical condition affecting 1 in 6 adults over 45 years of age and thus primarily affects older adults.
It is the third leading cause of disability in the elderly, preceded only by cardiac disease and arthritis. Persons with low vision often have difficulty using vision efficiently and effectively to complete needed daily activities, such as paying bills, cooking and shopping. Their safety is often at risk as they often report difficulty with tasks such as, using knives, identifying medications, dialing emergency numbers and seeing water spilled on the floor. Persons with low vision may experience depression due to their decreased independence. Occupational therapists can teach the person to use remaining vision as efficiently as possible to complete activities, modify activities so they can be completed with less vision, and train the person to use adaptive equipment to compensate for vision loss…Contact us today to initiate a referral!
Therapeutic Solutions’ newly expanded “Low Vision” specialty is featured in the new edition of
Duke Eye Center’s magazine - VISION (Pgs. 10-11).  Follow the link below for an electronic version.
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Home Health
Therapeutic Solutions has contractual relationships with various home health agencies in the Triangle. Subcontractors provide client-centered evaluations and treatments for clients in their natural home environment.