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“The D2™ Is A Cutting-Edge, FDA Cleared, High Performance Evaluation And Training Device That Records Response To Visual, Gross Motor And Neuro-Cognitive Tasks.

The light board contains 64 raised light switches arranged in 5 rings. These light up in two color options and beep (optional) when pressed, allowing the user to see the light, feel the button and hear the sound. The user trains peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination and visual reaction time. While reacting to the lights, the eyes focus in the middle of the light board at the tachistoscope (T-Scope). The T-Scope is the key to vision training success.”

Dynavision-Neurological Conditions
"The Dynavision D2 Vision Training System is an FDA cleared medical visuomotor and cognitive training system that is widely utilized for the rehabilitation of underlying visual, perceptual and cognitive deficits in clients recovering from stroke and traumatic brain injury" (Klavaora, Gaskowvski, & Forsyth, 1995). With the Dynavision D2, licensed therapists can address deficits such as visual field loss, scanning, attention, motor processing and reaction times. By combining the skills gained through the use of the Dynavision D2, with occupation-centered therapy in the client's natural home environment, we are able to promote independence of individuals who are experiencing visual deficits due to their neurologic illness and help improve their overall quality of life. Dynavision rehab as part of occupational therapy treatment is covered by major insurance providers. To initiate a referral, please download the Physician Order form under the Forms Download link. 

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Exceptional athletes have visual skills that allow them to see things quicker and likewise respond faster than average athletes. Athlete's need to able to receive visual stimuli, cognitively process the information, and then make a fast reactive motor response. The ability to make these decisions with improved accuracy and precision can make a major difference in an athlete's overall athletic performance. 

The D2 has a range of features designed to train the athlete for a variety of visual and asssociated motor responses. Additionally athletes can be tested to obtain a concussion baseline and a baseline for concrete improvement analysis. The D2 is the only system that incorporates a T-Scope which allows for an increase in the degree of focus and cognitive processing that is imperative in producing in top athletic performance. 

The Dynavision D2 can allow therapists to assess and train athletes to improve skills such as tracking, decision-making, motor performance, cognitive processing and peripheral awareness. The D2 records all data so that improvement can be tracked and programs can be tailored to the athlete's abilities to help maximize outcomes. 

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