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​Low Vision Facts
Low Vision is a visual impairment severe enough to limit the ability to perform many necessary activities of daily living that allows some usable vision.
Low Vision in Older Adults
 Is a chronic condition affecting 1 in 6 older adults over the age of 45
 Has no cure, and in most cases, the vision loss is permanent.
 Is the third leading cause of disability.
People with low vision have trouble using their remaining vision to perform daily activities safely—such as:
  Bathing
  Grooming
  Cooking
  Paying bills 
  Shopping
Visual impairment is one of the main causes of falls among older adults.

Safety can be at risk when it is necessary to:
 Dial emergency phone numbers, such as 911
 Identify medications correctly
  Keep track of glucose (sugar) levels
 Use knives to chop and slice foods
 Identify spoiled food or water on the floor
 Judge the depth of stairs and curbs which can lead to falls
Are You Among the Many Older Adults Who Hope to
 “Age in Place!”
By participating in an occupational therapy low vision program, older adults with visual impairment can learn to safely perform daily tasks made difficult or impossible by low vision—increasing the chances that they can remain in their homes for the rest of their lives.

Our Low Vision Services:
Occupational therapy makes it easier to manage your:  
  Home
  Medications
  Self care
  Communication 

and other activities of daily living—as well as the emotional adjustment to 
vision loss.  
We’ll teach you how to:
 Use helpful tools and techniques to compensate for your vision loss
 Modify the ways you do your activities, maximizing your remaining vision
 Modify your home environment to make it easier and safer to do your daily activities.

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